The Holt 110 - The Bigger Digger: The Largest Tree Shovel

The Holt 110 - The Bigger Digger is the largest and best production tree shovel available on the market. It is a specialized machine designed to transport trees horizontally, capable of uprooting and transplanting trees up to 35 meters high. This tree shovel is mounted on a specialized trailer 12 meters long and 9 meters wide, and it has 8 powerful swords that can cut 20 of frost and carries a 17.5 ton root ball measuring 110 wide and 96 deep. The Model 100 is the perfect choice for the moving professional. It can move larger trees, even during the off-season.

There is almost no limit to the size of a tree that can be moved, except, perhaps, the depth of the payer's pockets. It is best not to move a tree when it is lighting or creating new growth; however, if it is cut if it not moved, it can still be successfully transplanted. In most cases, it's cheaper to transplant a tree over 10 feet tall than buying one from a nursery. Companies like Davey and Big Trees can move trees with logs up to 9 inches in diameter, about 30 feet tall, using their truck-mounted shovels. This machine measures about 2.5 meters wide, 3.9 meters high and weighs somewhere in the region of 10,000 kg without a tree. Two metal plates made with a horseshoe cut allow the operator to easily center the trunk of the tree inside the cover.

The whole shovel is about 2.16 meters in diameter and can handle trees up to about 30 cm in diameter safely without the need to prepare the roots.AKRON, Ohio A month ago, there was no tree where Bill and Tammy Wardle's entrance turned off Columbia Road. However, although the procedure is painless, many large trees end up in the chimney just because many people don't know that they can be moved for reasons such as giving way to construction. This is another example of a specialized machine that is capable of safely digging up and moving an entire tree. Planting a seed or young tree and waiting a decade or two isn't the only way to have good sized trees in your garden.

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