Can Fully Developed Trees Be Transplanted Successfully?

Tree transplantation is a process that can be successful if done during the right periods. Generally, a homeowner can safely move a tree with a diameter of 2 inches or less within their own yard. Anything larger than 4 inches should be handled by professionals. Smaller trees can be moved with a tree shovel, while larger trees may require digging, wrapping, or wrapping the root ball and then transporting it by truck.

Some trees can even be moved with cranes. The roots of trees and shrubs normally grow far beyond the volume of the soil that can be moved. To keep most roots within a small area, prune roots in spring or fall before transplanting. Plants moved in autumn (October or November) should be pruned roots in March, and plants moved in spring (March) should be pruned roots in October.

Pruning roots only after leaves have fallen from deciduous plants in autumn or before buds sprout in the spring is essential to avoid serious damage to the plant. Roots within the pruned area develop many branches and form a strong root system within a confined area. If the root is not pruned, the plant may die from transplant shock due to root loss. Companies that specialize in tree transplantation claim a 98 percent success rate, and some even say that moving can even increase the longevity of an old tree, as it is revitalized by the good soil on its new site and the fresh cuts that allow its roots to grow back.

However, many large trees end up in the chimney just because many people do not know that they can be moved for reasons such as giving way to construction. When moving palm trees, it is important to provide some protection to the roots by moving them with “semi-naked” roots, leaving some soil attached to the fibrous roots. Storing the tree for six months or more is better for the tree than digging it up, storing it for a few weeks or months, and then transplanting it. When there are existing trees at a development site, moving the tree is often considered a method of preserving it.

It might be more profitable to buy bare land and then put the price difference on mature trees that can be placed anywhere you want after the construction of the house. To move a tree of any size successfully, it is best to work with a company that specializes in this process.

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