Is it possible to relocate an adult tree?

Larger or older plants will need to be excavated and transplanted with the root ball intact. For a transplant to be successful, it must include as much of the root system of the plant as reasonably possible. In general, you'll need at least 10 to 12 inches in root ball diameter for every inch of trunk diameter. Smaller trees can be moved with a tree shovel, a device that can dig the new hole, as well as excavate and transport the tree.

Larger trees may require digging, wrapping, or wrapping the root ball and then transporting it by truck. Some trees can be moved with cranes. Another key point to consider in any transplant is roots. For any transplant to be successful, it is required to obtain a root ball large enough to support the tree after relocation.

Cutting too many roots will cause a shock to the transplant that will be too devastating for it to recover. There is a formula to make sure you are getting a proper root ball. First, measure the diameter of the trunk 12 inches above ground level. For every inch in diameter, the root ball should be 12 inches wide.

For example, if the diameter of the trunk is 2 inches, the root ball that will need to be excavated is 24 inches wide. Using this formula will give the tree enough roots to sustain itself until it can establish a new root system. The process of transplanting a tree begins several months before relocating it with root pruning. This law encourages the growth of new feeder roots (which absorb water and nutrients) closer to the base of the tree to help the tree better adapt to its new location.

None could be moved with a shovel and the company's founder had planted them, so the company was willing to bear the expense of having them relocated during the expansion of his office. But how much does it cost to relocate a tree? And who the hell can do it? Well, the answer to the last question is at least one certified arborist. Because palms are easily transplanted, the palm can be relocated on the ground to its original location with a very good chance of survival.

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